Preventive Maintenance

Filtration Products installs air filters on a routine schedule to meet your preventive maintenance program. The advantages of changing air filters on a scheduled basis are enormous:

  • Ensures clean, quality air for your business environment, clientele, and your employees.
  • Helps kills airborne mold and filters dust particles.
  • Reduces or eliminates allergens and odors in your business environment.
  • Lowers energy consumption costs. An immediate economic saving with your current energy management system and building.
  • Helps minimize the need for dusting of merchandising areas.
  • Reduces “fatigue” on air conditioning condensers and motors.
  • Extends the life cycle of air filtration equipment, which saves hundreds of dollars in service calls or thousands of dollars for HVAC replacement.
  • Employees feel more energized with clean air creating increased productivity and reduced “lost production” days.
  • Finally, using our maintenance service eliminates the need to have an employee remember to change the filters, take time to purchase the various filter sizes, and worst, possibly fall from a ladder during installation.